Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!

I hope everyone had a safe a happy start to the New Year!!!!
With a New Year there are new starts.  Most of us take the time to reflect on 2012 to see what changes if any we want to do.  For me there will be alot of changes.  This year I am giving my business a fresh clean look. Time to get rid of the black and go lite and bright.  That includes everything from my online presence to my show booth presence.  I have been editing and creating new photography that will be added to my websites and at my shows.  I have been working on my show schedule for this year and hoping to be adding more shows this year than last.  I also know that I really have to improve my social media skills.  I go through this every year and every year I say I will get better.  I hope this year I can prove to myself that I can get better.  I have created a marketing plan that I hope will get more traffic and sales to my websites. 
So with all that said on a positive note I would have to say that 2012 was my best year for website sales! I'm thrilled with the results and in 2013 I expect it to be better.
When I do the Art Show in Mystic, Connecticut, I always stop at the Mystic Seaport to visit friends and to do some photographing.  Last year I left with some interesting shots.  I will be posting more of them in future blog posts. What I really like about this shot is it has a ghostly effect.
At the Mystic Seaport:  The Museum of America and the Sea, this is the sewing room of the Burrows House in the Mystic Seaport Maritime Village, Mystic, Connecticut.  Mr. Burrows was a storekeeper and this is his wife's Jane sewing room.  The museum even has the pattern for this dress. 
I would like to point out that the Seaport is a Maritime Village that was brought together in one location to show folks what types of businesses and homes where found in the Mystic area as well as preserving the history of Mystic and other surrounding towns.

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