Friday, November 14, 2014

How I Made Rats

How did "Rats" come to be?
Well it's really quite simple.
-First you need to crop your image into a square format.
The fun part here is deciding which part of the image you want in that square
-Then you go to Filters in either Photoshop elements or Photoshop then to Distort then to Polar Coordinates.
-Once you have the Polar Coordinates window open, click on Polar to Rectangular and then click OK
-Now go to Image and then to Image Rotation and then click on 180 degrees
-Head back to Filters then to Distort then to Polar Coordinates
-Once you're in Polar Coordinates window again click on Rectangular to Polar and click OK
There you have it!  You just created an Orb.
Now you can crop to any shape you want.  Experiment and have fun with it.  For me I like the square crop.
You can use any image you want.  It is so much fun to see just what you can come up with.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

This Week On Etsy "Somethings Blue"


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Treasury Time!
This week we are featuring the curators of  "Gifts for Women who"  by Mollie Ann of RoughMagicCreation and "Blue Snow" by Mari Hanby of EvadesignsMaine.

Be sure to take some time to visit our curator's shops and all the other shops in these wonderful treasuries!

Etsy Maineteam Cash Mob is just around the corner!! 
Friday the 21st of November!!
Mark Those Calendar!!!  

Get those Christmas gifts and have fun shopping and supporting Small Businesses!!!

Gifts for Women who ...

... love blue!
Blue Teal Large Glass Rondelle Necklace Silver Plated Chain White Organza Bow
Special Edition; Black Capped Chickadee Winter Holiday Print No. 1
Enamel Flower Stacking Rings
KARMATON boots | Vintage 1980s blue cage boots | Women's leather calf boots
Sale // Blue wig, scene wig, cosplay wig // Blue Gray Grey Long Hair // Natural Scene Lolita Punk Hipster // Blueberry Beauty
Vintage ART DECO Blue Flapper Girl Dress BATHROOM Bath Beauty Decor Fine Art Advertising Poster Print
Cobalt Blue Wrap Bracelet Caramel Beaded Bracelet Brown Leather Bracelet Bohemian Jewelry Hippie Bracelet Tapestry Wrap Leather Jewelry
Kyanite Earrings Wire Wrapped Raw Kyanite Stick Earrings in Denim Blue Dangles
BEACH BE CRAZY Soap - Sand, Jasmine, Sea & Mandarin - Bobbi Brown Beach Scented Soap
Wool Mittens - Upcycled Wool Mittens  - Handmade -  Tan and Blue -  Women -  Size Small/Medium
Women's knee length skirt // navy blue and gray bamboo spandex jersey // made to order
Handmade Butterfly Copper Wire Bookmark
Red, Blue Wallet, Womens Wallet, Red, Blue Pinwheel Clutch, Bifold, Handmade Wallet
Starry Night Mineral Eyeshadow Eyeliner - Navy- Mineral Makeup - Blue Eyeliner - Bath and beauty - Pure natural cosmetics
13" Laptop Bag, Note Book Bag, Macbook Bag, Laptop Sleeve, Crossbody Purse made from repurposed materials
Hand Knit Women's Blue Ruffle Scarf All Merino Wool, Collar, Potato Chip Scarf, Wavy Design, Denim Blue, Luxury Gift,  Women's Scarf

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Blue Snow

We were mowing the grass yesterday - today we have a major snow storm! In thinking of Blue Snow.
Cufflinks - Handmade Blue Snow flakes silver cuff links, Christmas silver cufflinks, Blue cuff links, Arrows motif
Snowflake box - blue box, jewelry box, ring box, trinket box, snowflake decor, winter decor, ice blue crushed velvet
100% Alpaca Fiber Sapphire Blue Snow hat
Shiny Blue Snow Flake Frozen Winter Wonderland Bling Glass Rhinestone Press/Iron-On Appliqué Hot Fix Transfer
Vintage Pyrex Blue Snow Flake Casserole Dish with Lid
Snowman family Hand Painted cobalt blue Vase
6-12 Feet 2.5 inch Paper Snowflake Garland- Silver, White, and Light Blue- Christmas Winter- Holiday, Wedding Decor, Photo booth Prop
Christmas Holiday Ornament, Spindle shaped, Handmade ceramic holiday decor, Stars and snowflakes
Snowy Winter Beach Scenic Photo Wall Art Three Image Set - Home Decor, Winter, Coastal, Snow Dune, Ocean, Sand, Shore, Rocks, Beach
Frozen Winter Wool Felt Snowflake Silver Glitter Aqua Felt Blue Snow Felt White Felt
1 handmade Set of 4 Snow flake Placemats w/ Center Round Made in Maine  royal blue snow flakes
Art Glass Abstract Panel Sculptural Ice Flow Down The River Artist Signed
Winter Ornament - Handpainted glass ornament, winter decor, full moon, night, stars, snow and trees
READY FOR SHIPMENT  - Giant Earthenware Mug In Turquoise with Tiny Black Speckles
Mens SILK BOW TIE Blue Winter Snow Flake BowTie
Winter Blue Snow Word Blocks Decoupage Let It Snow

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See you next week with more great finds!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Society6 "Doe with Her Fawns"

 "Doe with her Fawns"

I remember a few years back while my sister was visiting me here in Maine from Arizona, we were on our way north to see if we could find some moose.  When she spotted this doe with her fawns.  I quickly pulled over and by the doe's expression she knew I was there and she was watching me very closely.  I just started clicking away.  It was literally seconds before they all split up and went there separate ways.  I only got 5 frames of the doe and her fawns.  My nieces who are twins where concerned if the fawns would find there mother again and my sister and I assured them that the doe would find her fawns soon.  Oh and we saw only one moose.

Starting from top left I have
You can click on the individual links to get more information on each item. 

Think Gift Giving!!
See ya next week!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Black Vultures

Happy Halloween
      Coragyps atratus     
If you would like to see this photograph enlarged or would like to purchase this click here

I love photographing birds and especially listening to them sing, but when I was listening to the sounds of these Black Vultures,  well frankly it's creepy!  Check out the sounds of this menacing looking Black Vulture
A few years back while visiting the Anhinga Trail in Florida we were told to cover our tires, wipers and anything else that was black rubber,  because these Black Vultures will peck at them and destroy them.  So caution was taken.  We went along our way looking at all the alligators, birds and other wildlife in the park.  When we returned back to our car, I saw those Black Vultures all over this truck with a trailer attached to it.  Not a pretty site, but definitely curious site.  I'm not sure why they like the black rubber and from what I have read the scientists are not really sure either. 

So the next time your visiting the Everglades or the Anhinga Trail in Florida be sure to cover your car, truck and trailer, because those Black Vultures are around somewhere.

I've updated my website really liking the way it came out.  Stop by let me know what you think.

See you next Friday!
Have a Ghoulish Halloween!
Have a Spooktacular weekend!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

This Week on Etsy "European Starling"


Here's an interesting fact I didn't know about starlings, In 1890's, 100 starling were released in New York City's Central Park. It is said that Eugene Schieffelin wanted all of New York to see the birds mentioned in the plays of William Shakespare. Starlings are not native to North America. The population has grown to over 200 million birds and are found coast to coast. 

European Starling Photo Throw Pillow

Treasury Time!
This week we are featuring the curators of  "Cash Mob-Mark the Date!"  and "Gifts From Maine" by Sandy Lamontagne of Grandma Sandeze Boutique and "Winters In Maine" by Kristen of Oceanlvr's Crafts Cottage.

Be sure to take some time to visit our curator's shops and all the other shops in these wonderful treasuries!

These treasuries are devoted to the Cash Mob that the Etsy Maineteam is having on Friday the 21st of November.  So yes Mark Your Calendar!!!  This is their 3rd year and is growing more and more successful every year! 
Get those Christmas gifts and have fun shopping and supporting Small Businesses!!!

Cash Mob - Mark the Date!

On Friday, November 21, Etsy Maine Team will hold our 3nd annual online Cash Mob! Come join the fun and mob our 700+ members' shops! Just type "MaineTeam" in the search bar. Happy Shopping!
Slouchy Hat - Mens Slouchy Beanie Hat, Warm Hat, Wool Sloucy Hat, Grey/Gray Mens Sloucy Hat
Pure Essential Oils - Lavender, Patchouli, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary Citronella, Cinnamon, Ylang Ylang, Clove, Spearmint, Tea Tree
Art Glass Jewelry Dimensional Sculptural Pendant Necklace Green Spring Artist Signed Collection
American Flag Water Reflection, Fine Art Photography, Nautical Photography, Abstract Photography
Baby Girls Clothes - Hand Knitted Bright Pink Sweater Set for Infant Girls - Wool Baby Clothing Size 6-9 Months
Bali Style Antique Silver Bead Caps 8mm x 6mm - 8 Pieces
Our First Christmas Candle, Personalized Candle, Newlywed Gift Candle, Decorative Candle, Pillar Candle, Custom Holiday Gift, Holiday Candle
Vintage Resturant Ware Bowl Buffalo China Tan and Brown Made in USA
2 Ruby Red Glass Georgian Tumblers Water Glasses w Hint of Amberina on Bases 4 Inch Tall
Queensland Collection Pima Fresca Cotton Yarn, Blush
Yarn Bowl- Knitting- Plying Bowl- Unique Gift- Maine Fiber Tools
The Vixens - Frank Yerby, Civil War, carpetbaggers, New Orleans, scalawags, historial fiction, love triangle
Unisex long skinny scarf // 100% bamboo sweater knit // READY TO SHIP
Aqua and Silver Metallic Chevron Bow Tie, Clip, Headband or Pet
Handblown Glass Vase/Cylinder Blue Art Glass/Home Decor
Handmade Cotton Pillowcase Children's, Cotton Pillowcase, Cotton Bedding, Elephants, Girls Bedding, Teen Bedding, Cotton Pillow Cover, Maine

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Winters in Maine

Mark the date for the 3rd annual online Maineteam Cash Mob Event on Friday, November 21. Come join the fun and mob our 700+ members' shops! Just type "MaineTeam" in the search bar. Happy Shopping!
Maine Winter Sports, with Skier In Red Flying Down the Slopes Vintage Travel Poster Digital Image Download No. 4586
Wool Felted Mittens - Upcycled Wool Mittens  - Sweater Mittens - Blue  Mittens - Womens -  Size Medium/Large
Snowflake silver earrings stamped oxidized aged ornate made in maine silver and black winter holiday gifts. Etruscan. Winter. Maine
Little Snowman Balsam Pillow, Decorative Wool Pillow, Rustic Winter Pillow, 4 inch Maine Balsam Pillow
FEELING PINE Pine & Bayberry Room Fragrance Spray - Natural Pine Air Freshener
Mistletoe Christmas Ornament. Punch Needle Embroidery. Winter, Holiday Home Decor. Brown and Gold. Maine Balsam Fir and Eucalyptus
Merlot Heather Maine Wool Lopi
Jigsaw Puzzle - Log Cabin, Maine winter, 10"x14" 252 piece classic puzzle
Larico Pine Sprig Scented Pillow Filled with Local Maine Balsam
Maine pottery ornaments set of five - sailboat, moose, lighthouse, snowflake, tree, Christmas ornament pottery, hand-painted, gifts under 25
Vintage Maine Hunting Boot LL Bean Duck Boot with Old Cursive Logo Men's Size 12
Early L.L. Bean Snowshoes - The Maine Snow-shoe - 14 x 48
Long Denim Blue Scarf, Women's Scarf, Hand Knit, Chunky Knit, Soft and Fluffy, Warm Scarf, Winter Scarf, Hand Made Gift
iPhone 4/4s, 5, Snowy Winter iPhone Cases, First Snow/Snowing/Winter/Frosty Windowpane/Maine Snow Storm/Frosty Pine Cone, FREE SHIPPING USA
Animal Lover Note Cards - Pack of 5 - GREAT Christmas Gift and Stocking Stuffer - Yellow Lab, Maine Coon cat, cat sleeping, dog in snow
FRESH Maine Christmas Wreath, DOUBLE Sided Maine Wreath, Boxwood Wreath

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Gifts from Maine

On Friday, November 21, Etsy Maine Team will hold our 3nd annual online Cash Mob! Come join the fun and mob our 700+ members' shops! Just type "MaineTeam" in the search bar. Happy Shopping!
Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Favors - Winnie The Pooh Birthday Party Favors - Soap Favors - Personalized Favors
Unisex Copper Cuff Rustic Bracelet Hammered Metalwork Small Size
Crochet Cat Bed, Large Storage Basket in Sea Blues with Lavender Stripe, Rag Rug Inspired Travel Pet Bed Round
Owl Pillow - Minky Owl Pillow - Pink Owl Pillow -  Plush Owl Pillow - Handmade Owl Pillow
Log Cabin Christmas Ornament - canoe welcome sign, green door, Christmas decoration, rustic Christmas decor, rustic holiday decor
Hanging Double Kitchen Towel ButterflyTowel
Jewelry Box Gift Box Birdhouse Gift Box Birder's Gift Hand Carved Hand Made Wood Box Birthday 5th Anniversary Trinket Box Wood Anniversary
Home Sweet Home Filet Crocheted Tablecloth
Tooth Fairy Pillow Cute Pirates, Treasure, and Parrot Handmade
Best Things From American Literature 1899 1st Edition Irving Bacheller
Vintage Pair Hand Painted Vase Clear Glass Flowers Art Collectible Floral 4.50 inchVases Peach Blossom glass painted gold trim
Yellow Night Light, Modern Decor, Night Lights with Tibetan Paper Shade, Blue and Yellow Master Bedroom Decor, Yellow Lighting
Balsam Pillow,  Pine Tree Pillow, Rustic Cabin Pillow, 4 Inch Square Pillow
Purse, Wristlet Bag, Clutch, multicolored Foxes on Black with Plum
Natural Fiber Hand Knit Cream Teddy Bear, Children's Stuffed Toy, Soft Plush Stuffie, Baby Shower, Nursery Decor, Stocking Stuffer
Maine Whoopie Pie Deer Ornament, Maine Treat, Maine Holiday Ornament, Christmas, Deer Ornament, Event Favor, Maine Treat, Fake Whoopie Pie

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