Monday, November 3, 2014

Society6 "Doe with Her Fawns"

 "Doe with her Fawns"

I remember a few years back while my sister was visiting me here in Maine from Arizona, we were on our way north to see if we could find some moose.  When she spotted this doe with her fawns.  I quickly pulled over and by the doe's expression she knew I was there and she was watching me very closely.  I just started clicking away.  It was literally seconds before they all split up and went there separate ways.  I only got 5 frames of the doe and her fawns.  My nieces who are twins where concerned if the fawns would find there mother again and my sister and I assured them that the doe would find her fawns soon.  Oh and we saw only one moose.

Starting from top left I have
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