Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Simply A Red Rose


I love photographing flowers!  And since my garden didn't do well this year I decided to  head to a few of my favorite local florist to find some roses, sunflowers, spider mums and football mums.  I didn't find all that I wanted, but I did find these beautiful red roses from our local florist Bangor Floral.  They had an amazing array of flowers, but the roses spoke to me the most.

Roses are such a gorgeous flower! The flower of love, with it's rich red color, velvety petals and elegant fragrance how could you not love this flower.

  You can find this photograph and more flower photography at Cindi Ressler Photography
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Southwest Harbor, Maine


This is actually October of last year when I took drive to the Bar Harbor, Maine area.  I drove around the island photographing all day.  Such beautiful scenery! 
This image is from Southwest Harbor.  I love the small harbor filled with fishing boat and the surrounding homes and businesses.
You can find this photograph at Cindi Ressler Photography

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Vintage Wood Carving Chisels

I've recently decided to add a new series to my photographic collection called "Tools of Yesteryear".  So off I went on the hunt to find me some vintage tools at some of my favorite antique shops.  A good reason to go antiquing right!  I found these awesome wood carving tools/chisels with beautifully aged wooden handles.  One of them had Germany on it and some kind of scrolling engraved on the metal part of the chisel. 
These "Vintage Wood Carving Chisels" will be the first in the series which you can see at Cindi Ressler Photography via Etsy or Fine Art America
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