Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Peony Abstract

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At first I wasn't too pleased with this photograph, but I messed around with it in photoshop and ended up in Silver Efex.  I do like it as a black and white, but then I took it one more step and added a purple chalkboard texture from 2LilOwls and toned it way down and really love the out come!
I'm trying to keep in touch the best I can.  I have been terribly busy getting my garden done which has been a huge undertaking.  I'm also heading out to do some serious photography.  I will continue to be in and out, but will be back in the fall in full force with all new photography.
I've recently signed on to www.crated.com sells mostly photography.  Stop in and see what it's all about. www.crated.com/cresslerphotos.