Wednesday, March 26, 2014

While Waiting For Spring

Like many of you winter has gone on long enough!  I've been waiting for Spring for what seems like forever. I'm now counting down the days until I see my grass again.  I still have over 3 feet of snow in my yard and just when I think we are melting the mounds of snow we get more........YUCK!!!!  The other day driving home from work I saw a sign that spoke loud and clear "Dear Mother Nature, we really need to talk."  I thought that was very appropriate considering our current conditions.
So instead of waiting for the crocuses, tulips and daffodils to find their way through all the snow, I decided to pick up some flowers from the grocery store and photograph them in my studio.

Tulips are beautiful springtime flowers, but there is one small problem that I have, they are known as deer.  Yes they are beautiful, but after a long winter they are very hungry.  And deer love tulips!  I Love having the deer around, but not eating my tulips.
Come fall when it's the perfect and best time to plant your tulip bulbs, I try planting some of my own again.  I'm going to try a little experiment though.  For the most part deer don't like daffodils, so I'm wondering if I plant tulips and daffodils together if that will be enough to protect the tulips.  I could also use chicken wire to cover the bulbs, but deer will eat the tulips leaves too.  As a last resort I could get me some coyote urine.........not sure about that though.
So with all that said, yes I will try growing tulips for next spring.  I'll add all the necessary deterrents to keep the deer from eating my tulips.  Except maybe the coyote urine.  And in the fall I will post all that I have done to try to protect my tulips.  Then in the spring we'll see what works and what doesn't.
In the mean time I will enjoy the tulips I got from the store.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Meet my Dexter.
Dexter is a 3 year old brown tabby.  He is an amazing little kitty and very lovable.
When we got Dexter a few years back of course I wanted to take photographs of him.  With the photograph above he was sitting facing a warm southern exposure sun.  I metered off his face to let the back ground go black, creating a dramatic portrait. 
I had entered him in a photo calendar contest with our local veterinarian.  I honestly didn't expect to win, but Dexter won and got the front cover and grand prize! 
The photo above is my first attempt at using Topaz ReMask.  I have the 30 day trial which is giving me the opportunity to decide if I want it or not.  I've seen some great photography using this software so I was anxious to give it a try.  I can see flaws and I still need lots of practice, but for a first try not bad.  I used 2 Lil' Owls textures for the background.  2 Lil' Owls have some fantastic textures you should check them out.  I thinking I might have to get this software too.
Oh and Dexter's eyes are really that golden.
See ya next week!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Learning HDR

One of my goals is to start shooting in RAW which will allow me more freedom when I edit my photos, yes perhaps it will be more work, but I will have full control of the final outcome of each photograph.  I also want to do more black & white photography.  At the Art Institute of Seattle where I studied photography and before digital photography really kicked in I learned how to process my own black & white film and photographs.  I fell in love with the whole process, but like with everything times change and you have to move on with the times.  I miss black & white and until recently I had lost interest. 
HDR (High Dynamic Range) has always fascinated me and I've been wanting to learn it, so I downloaded this book by Harold Davis "Creating HDR Photos, The Complete Guide to High Dynamic Range Photography".  First let me say awesome book!  Very well written and easy to follow steps.  Great guide for the beginner HDR photographer.  I can't wait to get started.  But what really got my attention was when I saw the black & white HDR photographs.  Wow!  Completely took my breath away!  I knew I could create great black & white photographs I just need to learn and experiment.
I processed these two photos using Topaz adjust and Silver Efex.  Not exactly HDR, but kinda gives me an idea of how and what I'm looking for.  As I start to learn these techniques I will definitely be posting about it. 

I also plan on doing color HDR as well. 
Stay tuned................

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What's New On Society 6?

I've recently started selling on Society 6.  Along with selling prints, I'm also selling tote bags, throw pillows, shower curtains, mobile device cases, wall clocks, mugs, laptop and iPad skins. 
Some of my images don't work for all of these items, but there are a lot of choices.
Every so often I will feature one of my images with all the products available for that image.
This week is 29red


Maybe a new tote bag for groceries or for school?



Perhaps this is the time redecorate your bathroom with this unique shower curtain and matching wall clock.



Enjoy your favorite beverage in the one of a kind 15oz mug!

Or perhaps your iPhone or Laptop needs sprucing up!
Whatever your needs are whether home d├ęcor or your office.  There is something for everyone.
For more information on any of these items click on the link below each item.
Also please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.