Monday, January 14, 2013

What Kind of Photographic Paper Do You Use?

Happy Monday!

Lately I have been contemplating on what kind of photographic paper I want to use.  There are so many to choose from, but where to start.  I currently use Canon Photo Paper Plus semi-gloss.  I really love this paper.  It gives a nice velvety texture to my traditional photographs, but I really don't like it on my textured work.  I have used Museo Portfolio Rag Extra Smooth Fine Art paper which I really liked, but for some of my photographs it's was too warm.  I've been told that the Moab entrada is a nice paper to try. 
So I have decided to do some research and order some sample packets.  I recently ordered sample packet of photographic paper from Red River Paper.  I'm also going to order sample packets of Moab, Museo (to see what else they have to offer) and Hahnemuhle.  FYI I'm ordering these packets from B&H Photo.  My favorite go to place for anything photographic.  I think these 4 companies are good starting points.  The next part will be selecting a few photos for all the samples.  I will be choosing photos that will have a good range of color.
Although if any of you have any other suggestions please let me know.  Or if you have any comments on the above grouping of papers I'm going to try. 
I'll let you know in next Monday's post what the out come of these papers are and which one I have chosen.
In the mean time have a wonderful week and see you on Friday for "Flower Power Friday." 
In case you missed last weeks "Flower Power Friday" it was the Black-eyed Susan



  1. Great info. I have never ordered anything from B&H. Will have to check them out.

  2. Thanks Kim. I've been using them for many years and they are the best to work with!

  3. I also have done business with B&H , actually for quite some time getting their catalog etc..
    However , for the photo paper I use. Just my way of thinking and nothing wrong with printing off your own,with that said I go professional.
    Dose not cost all that much for these professionals to take care of what they know how to do. Helps the economy, and my customers know when they buy from me it is the best of the best.
    The time to do this, go to town to the store, or wholesale online.... all the effort,the cost of paper ink on and on just cheaper for those folks to do it and ship my processed photographs here to the house for me to sign and date (of course this is from the digital age I assume)..... Granite when one buys or wants to buy a photograph that I do not have on hand they have to wait. They just do not get it as fast as you who are printing it at home can get it to them. Though if the photograph dose not pass my inspection..... I am treated very well.
    Wish you well in all your adventures.

    1. Thou I do agree that it may be cheaper to do it all through wholesaler or local printer, but first I live in Maine and my printer resources are limited, second I do alot of festivals so doing my own printing and being able to have it available as I need them is more efficient for me. I also have a shop on Etsy and fast and professional service makes my customers happy. I would love to have someone do the work for me, but right now I think it is best that I do the work. As you already know I to have very high standards on my printing process and how my work looks.
      Thanks for your comment Coralie


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