Monday, January 28, 2013

Photographing Vintage Cameras

 So I spent all day Saturday photographing in my make shift studio.  Living on a tight budget tends to make you more creative.  I don't have a traditional studio set up.  I have to make due with what I have.  I really don't do much studio work, but I have found lately to be interested in doing some different projects which are done indoors and need lighting.
So I'm having to reorganize my office/work space to utilize the 2 windows I have on the south facing side of the room.  I'm very limited on space, so I have to utilize every square inch in order to do some studio work.  So while you read this blog I will be rearranging my office/work room.
Some of the things I photographed on Saturday were some of my vintage camera that I've been collecting as well as some peppers, mushrooms and candy.
I processed these photos in 2 different ways. Both I used Silver Efex Pro 2 with a split toner (blue/yellow). The photo above I added two textured layers.  The bottom photo is the same except there are no layers added.  
Of the 2 which do you like better?  Any and all comments are appreciated.
                                                So here's the thing.  I have a small collection of vintage cameras.  This one in particular is a Kodak Autographic Camera Model No. A-122, with Wollensak Opticals and a 31/4x51/2 Bausch-Lomb Tessar. It also comes with the stylus for signing the film.  I see alot of patent dates, but nothing to date this camera, unless I'm missing it.  I've checked online, but nothing really definite.  There were plenty of similar models, but none like this one. If anyone can give me any more information on this model I would appreciate it.
Next Monday I'll let you know how the new office/work space is working out and some new photos. 
Have a great week....
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