Friday, January 18, 2013

Flower Power Friday....Bleeding Hearts

This week's flower is the Bleeding Heart.....
Quote of the Week
"Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion."

Bleeding Hearts are a wonderful plant for areas that are light to medium shade.  The mound foliage is graced with beautiful arching branches of heart shape flowers.  The plant can be 6 inches to 2 feet in height.  The bleeding heart do very well in cool moist environments.  The most common flower color is pink and white, but also found in yellow and red.  These lovelies bloom in the Spring and in cooler climates can rebloom sporadically through summer.  Once established the bleeding heart is a hardy perennial.  They will die back at the end of the blooming season to grow again in the Spring.
I have both the pink bleeding heart and the white bleeding heart in my garden and though most folks will tell the that they have great luck with the pink bleeding hearts, it is just the opposite with me.  My white bleeding hearts do far better than my pink bleeding hearts.
Interesting Facts.......
~The bleeding heart is native to Asia and North America
~Other names the bleeding heart has been known as heart of Jesus, heart of Mary, lady's eardrops, lady's locket, lady in a boat.
~ The bleeding heart is deer resistant

Dicentra spectabilis

If you live in Maine one of my favorite garden centers is Longfellow's Greenhouses in Manchester near Augusta.  I have no problem taking a day drive to Longfellow's Greenhouses.  They have a great staff, very informative and a FANTASTIC selection of flowers and plants!  Truly worth the trip.  Talk about "a kid in a candy shop!"

Have a Great weekend and see you Monday........In case you didn't see last Monday's post "What Kind of Photographic Paper Do You Use."  Check it out.


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