Friday, January 25, 2013

Flower Power Friday.....Sea Holly


Quote of the Week......

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make
you something else
is the greatest accomplishment."
                                                      Ralph Waldo Emerson
This week's flower is the Sea Holly Eryngium planum

Growing the lovely Sea Holly will make any garden brighter.  The variety I have in my garden Eryngium planum grows about 2-3 feet tall.  Their stems and leaves are a beautiful silvery green and their flowers when in bloom June through September are a wonderful periwinkle blue, purplish blue color.  These flowers love sunny hot locations.  They prefer dry soil and are very low maintenance plants.  Because they have a taproot they are difficult to transplant so it is best to leave them where they are once established.
I actually have the Sea Holly with my Globe thistle (which I will feature in later "Flower Power Friday"). 

Interesting Facts.......

~This variety are Native to Central and Southeastern Europe to Central Asia.
~They are a member of the Carrot Family although they are not edible.
~They attract lots of bees and butterflies.
~They look fabulous in cut and dried flower arrangements.

The Sea Holly photograph above is also the Sea Holly Orb.
Have a wonderful weekend! 
See you on Monday


  1. Beautiful and I love the interesting facts

  2. Very nice orb. I recently leaned how to make them, and I think my blog readers will tire of seeing them before I get tired of creating them!

    1. Thanks and yes they are great fun to make, very addictive.


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