Monday, January 7, 2013

The Old Railroad Bridge

Working on winter projects and trying to get caught up and ready for the show season.  Trying to keep up with my social networking.  I've been doing some editing and getting ready to add new photos.  In the mean time I would like to post one of my photos from my archives. 
This was taken if I remember correctly near Fort Meyers, Florida. 

This was one of my first photographs that I used my layering techniques on also known as textures.  I have become quite fond of this technique and I'm using it more and more.  One thing I have learned about using textures is to write down everything I do to the photo, because if for whatever reason I lose the photograph it would be near impossible to reproduce it.  I treat each photograph as a recipe.  Once I have completed the photo and I like what I see, I then print it.  If I am happy with how it printed out then I pull out the notebook and note everything I did.  From the name of the textures and the blending method I used, to the brightness or contrast.  In this case every detail is important.  Many times I use many layers and knowing what they are, are important.  I do not depend on my memory.
With this photograph this is the recipe I used:  layer 1-peach blush 80% overlay, layer-2 labyrinth 80 overlay, layer-3 fly 2 70% multiply.  Now I know to some of you these names don't mean a thing, but to me it will allow me to recreate this photo if necessary. 

On another note.  I'm starting up Flower Power Friday again, but there will be Food Friday too.  I'm currently working on some food photography.  I have noticed that folks are looking for photographs to put into there homes either the dining room or kitchen.  Food Friday will also have a tasty recipe with it.

See you Friday...........

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