Monday, March 4, 2013

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Located in Bristol, Maine
This particular lighthouse is very well photographed by many photographers.  It is a challenge to see what kind of unique view I can get that no other photographer has gotten.  That has yet to be determined.  There are so many perspectives to capture.  Now that I'm viewing this photograph and explaining to you how I can make my perspective different than any other photographers.  I will be making a trip out to the lighthouse for either an sunrise or sunset excursion.  The more I think about how my perspective can be different the more inspired I become. 

(click on the image to view large or purchase)
With that said I have created a lovely photo pendant with the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse.  The miniature photograph is under a clear glass dome set in a beautiful antique silver beaded pendant tray.
So if you happen to be in Maine stop by and visit the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse with it's lovely views.
Have a Super Week!


  1. Great Photo! I love the sky so much drama!

  2. I love this place. It is my dad's favorite lighthouse, and growing up we visited and he had photos of it at his place. Great photograph!


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