Friday, March 8, 2013

Flower Power Friday Featuring....The Oriental Lily

This week we are featuring the beautiful
Stargazer Lily also known as the Oriental Lily

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This week I'm doing something alittle different.  Since I wanted to introduce a new Photo Pendant "The Monarch on the Oriental Lily."  I thought this would be a great opportunity to feature the beautiful Oriental Lily.
Oriental Lilies are grown from bulbs which are planted in the spring or fall.  You can plant them in large containers, but from my experience it is best to plant them in the garden.  Their flowers and leaves prefer full sun with their roots being shaded.   They also enjoy well drained soil. I really enjoy growing lilies of all kinds.  I also have Asiatic Lilies which come in a large assortment of colors.  Lilies require little maintenance and  they are sooooo beautiful too!!!  Oriental lilies are very fragrant and both Oriental and Asiatic lilies look great in floral arrangements. 
I have come across one major problem with them and that is the red lily leaf beetle.  These little bright red beetles will eat up your lilies in no time flat!  You have to catch them early in the season.  I mean just when you see the lilies just poking through the soil start looking for them and SQUASH them.  That is the best way to do it.  Although there are other alternatives.  They multiply quickly too.  When the lilies start to leaf out look under the leaves for small yellowish/orange clusters of eggs and squash them too.  If you get them early you will be able to enjoy your beautiful lilies all season long.

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I've create this beautiful photo pendant of the Monarch on the Oriental Lily which is a miniature version of the one below that is under a glass dome placed into a antique silver square beaded pendant.

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