Monday, March 11, 2013

Malachite Butterfly

Happy Monday!!
Check out the lovely butterfly!
As my Dad would say that's a hum dinger!  Although he would say that about the fish he used to catch.
For those who don't know what malachite means,  a green mineral that is a basic carbonate of copper used especially for making ornamental objects such as jewelry. 
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The top side of the Malachite butterfly is dark brown to black with whitish green or yellowish green patches.  The Malachite's habitat are in mango, citrus and avocado orchards in Florida; subtropical evergreens and semideciduous forest in Central America.  They range from Brazil north to Central America, to Mexico, to Southern Florida and Texas. 
I photographed this Malachite butterfly at Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory in South Deerfield, Massachusett.  I stop here every year on my way to Mystic, Connecticut where I do the Mystic Outdoor Art Festival.  I get there early and usually it's a weekday and while I walk about photographing, I look at such beauty and grace.  The peace and quiet takes over and I find myself so relaxed.  Each time I leave I'm ready to take on the remainder of my trip and I leave just as the groups start to roll in.

Have a Awesome Week!!!!

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