Thursday, July 26, 2012


Sunflowers are a wonderfully sunny happy flower that should be in everyone's garden.

Sunflowers come in a variety of sizes from 2 1/2 feet to a giant 10 plus feet. Their shapes vary from single blooms to double blooms and the size of their blooms can be from 3" to over 10" in diameter. Their colors go from tones of yellow, oranges, creams, and reds.  Some have brown centers and others yellow center.

Sunflowers are super easy to grow.  Plant Sunflowers in a sunny location and depending on the seed size is how deep you should plant the seed.  Follow the instruction on the seed packet.  The shorter varieties of Sunflowers you can plant in large containers. I personally like them in large groups, and planting a variety of them.  Sunflowers also make great cut flowers arranged in perhaps an antique vase.

Hey did I say Sunflowers are great for kids to plant and make their own Sunflower garden.  I have seen where the giant (10 footers) are planted and kids can walk in amongst them.

Watch the Sunflowers through out the day and see how the flower follows the sun.  In the morning they face the east and then in late afternoon they are facing west.

Sunflowers are the bright spot in my garden for me and the many birds who enjoy their seeds, like the American GoldfinchChickadee, Sparrow, and many more.  Sunflowers will self sow (re seed) and come back year after year depending on how many you grow. 

Being that my schedule is so busy lately with art shows and getting ready for college I will only be posting once a week for awhile.  Probably on Thursday or Friday.  If time allows I will post more often and when shows end I will post more too.

On another note....I've been missing my little buddy.......for alot of people who have pets those pets are like your children.  And that's the case for me.  So when you lose one of your kids it's heart breaking.....a couple of months ago I lost my dog Ben to a brain tumor.  Which was heart wrenching for me.  It has been more difficult than I ever expected.  I miss his companionship so much.  I know this may sound silly to some, but when you have a dog that was so devoted to you and he was taken from you because of a tumor.......he was so rich with energy and love that even now it's so hard to believe he is gone.  I just miss him so.....I know in time it will get better and I will definitely adopt another dog someday.  In the mean time I still have 2 wonderful dogs Blu and Sami who I love just as much.   I just needed to vent alittle. 

Sami 14, Ben 11, Blu 15

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  1. Beautiful sunflower images and I love how you shared your wisdom about growing them and the connection they have with birds and children.

    I am so sorry about Ben! That is so hard. My husband has said that we can't get anymore dogs until we are 80, so that we go before they do. It's just too difficult.

    Thanks again for sharing!


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