Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mourning Doves

Here are a couple of Mourning Doves who frequent the bird feeder.  They're a beautiful bird and are very common throughout North America.  Some people say there cooing sounds sad, but to me it is calming.
The Mourning Dove is a very fast flier being able to out maneuver their predators like the Peregrine Falcon if they know their being watched.  They will also play the injured wing routine to deter predators for their nest.  Also when you see 3 of them flying together in a group you are seeing a male and female pair and a rival male.

You can tell the difference between the males and females by the blue gray coloring on the head and the pinkish color on the chest of the male, females are tan on the head and chest area.  The photographs here are females.

Just some tidbits of information on the Mourning Dove.

Yesterday I went to orientation at the college and boy did I feel like a fish out of water.  So many young people....I thought there might be some people close to my age, but I didn't see any.  Oh and can I say....I really really dislike having my picture taken.  I had to have a picture taken for my college ID and just like my drivers license HORRIBLE!  In fact I think my drivers license looks better!  Anyway overall it was informative and made me feel better and less nervous.  Classes start September 4th and as of now my classes are Business Law I, Writing Workshop, General Psychology and my fav Algebra.  So far I only need 2 books and thank God for that, they are super expensive.  Doing some research on where I can find them cheaper.
The month of August is just about to get real busy.  This Saturday I will be in Downtown Bangor, Maine at the WLBZ2 Sidewalk Arts Festival.  It's a 1 day only Art Festival from 9am-4pm. If your in the area stop on by.  It's a great event and lots of wonderful artisans.

Next week I will be posting on Wednesday, because I will be on the road Thursday.  I'll tell you more about that next week. 
In the meantime have a Wonderful Weekend!

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