Thursday, August 16, 2012


Sami 1998-2012

Last Thursday I left for the Mystic, Connecticut art festival.  I was very excited and I had stopped at Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory and made my way to Essex to photograph the steam train.  First have to say that the weather in Connecticut was so humid I had a hard time dealing with it.  Photographing while in Connecticut was difficult and disappointing.  I did get some shots, but not much.  The show was good and I will attend it next year, and hopefully the weather will be more cooperative.
But while in Connecticut my dog Sami was fading away.  When I had left she didn't seem to be showing any signs of problems, but over the weekend Mom had told me she was having a hard time getting up and eating.  We thought she was just being stubborn.  Sami had always been a stubborn dog.  2 years ago Sami was diagnosis with diabetes and like a trooper took her insulin without issues.  She also had arthritis in her hips and was gradually getting worse.  I came home from Connecticut and we decide to take Sami to the Vet and to our surprise she was shutting down.  The Vet said maybe a month.  When she stops eating and can't take her insulin it would be time.  Well that time came 2 days later much too soon.  Sami struggled with walking and was becoming disoriented and we knew as did she it was time.  Just 2 months after my dog Ben had past now Sami.  I know in my heart she is in a better place and feeling no pain and is with Ben. 
We now have 1 dog left Blu and she is the oldest and the last of the 3.  It feels odd to be walking and caring for only 1 dog.  We will someday adopt another, but in the mean time Blu has all our attention and I know she will take every bit in.

Sami had always been a happy dog.  I called her wiggles because she was always wagging that beautiful tail.  She seemed to always have a smile. 

This happy wiggly dog will be truly missed.

I love you Sami!

Take some time and hug your pet!


  1. So sorry for your loss! What a lovely tribute to Sami. ((((((((Hugs)))))))))

  2. Always sad to feel the loss. Lucky Sami, that she didn't suffer!

  3. Sami sounds like she was very special! May the happy memories of her, comfort you. I am so sorry Cindi for your loss. Hugs!


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