Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hitting The Books

After lots of thinking and debating back and forth on whether or not to go back to school.  I finally decided to go back.  I've realized that if for what ever reason my photography career doesn't work out, I really don't have any great skills to fall back on.  I've thought long and hard of what I would do if I didn't have photography.  There wasn't a whole lot to chose from in my eyes that would interest me.  If I thought for 1 second that I could go back and get a degree in Marine Biology or Zoology I would but, of course when I had the opportunity to study them I didn't.  Apparently that wasn't the plan.  Anyway so I decided to get a degree in business.  The degree is Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management.  With this degree it gives me plenty of opportunities for expanding my photography business.  Not sure which direction it will go, but I know that by the time I graduate I will know where I am in my career.
I have to say I'm nervous about getting started, but super excited and I know I have made the right decision! 

I took a couple of placement tests yesterday 1 for English and the other for Math.  Neither subject is my best.  English I had 90 minutes....I was very stressed at first then when I realized that the time wasn't going so fast I slowed down and tried to think things through.  Math on the other hand.....outside of the basic it's so not my thing!  Algebra is what I'm placing for and without even taking the test I can say right away start me at the very beginning.  I have no clue why x+y= a or whatever or why I even need Algebra.  My high school teacher passed me with a just passing grade cause he liked me.  I'm so not looking forward to Algebra!!!!!!  Anyway my first semester will be Accounting I, General Psychology, English Writing and the ever popular Algebra. 
You know in High School there was all that homework and I've heard there is twice as much in College.  I'm hoping I'm ready for it.  I have a serious thirst for knowledge right now and looking forward to expanding my brain.

About the photo above.  This photo is part of my Color Reflection Collection which is a unique collection of photos using the same 4 elements compose differently to create each photo.  Keep watch I will be adding new photos each week to this collection.

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