Sunday, July 15, 2012

Starting Over.....

You may be wondering why I have a new blog, or maybe you can't see the difference between the old blog and new blog.  That's okay......cause here's the scoop.  I had recently taken my cell phone back to the shop if you will, because I was having problems with it.  So the cell phone company did a factory reset, which I was okay with everything was backed up and reloaded, but I had to redo my gmail account which is for the phone only.  I have a separate personal email account with Google which my blog and analyics are on.  For what ever reason the 2 accounts conflict (which they hadn't in the past) and Google had asked me to update.  Well I tried and tried for hours with no luck, I was directed and redirected more times than I need to count.  I tried to get help through Google but no luck.  After too many hours of frustration I gave up and choose to start up another blog.  I still have plenty to fix and readjust, but hopefully I have enough time before I lose the temporary email they gave.

In the mean time this is an opportunity to start fresh.

Saturday I was at the Norway Arts Festival (Maine) and it was HOT to say the least. It was my first time at this event and wasn't busy at all, but it was probably because of the Hot and Humid day. I did make expenses, but nothing extra. And I will try this show again next year. Maybe the heat won't be so bad. Like everyone else lately this is not typical for Maine to have such hot and humid conditions. Hopefully it is just a freaky thing this year.

So after a crazy hot weekend I am going to remember being on this beach and totally relaxing.  Listening to the waves on the shore, sea gulls, the gentle breeze, breathing in smelling the salt air and just closing my eyes and being at peace.  Forgetting all the craziness of the past week and letting my whole being relax.  It's time to regroup and move on to the next......

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  1. LOVE the beach shot! oooo, festival in norway. FUN stuff. lots of fun times there.


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