Friday, May 10, 2013

Flower Power Friday....Watching My Garden Grow Part 2

Last week while working in the garden, I had forgotten how many muscles I used.  So instead of overdoing it, I chose to do a little each day until I knew I could handle more.
I started off digging up some blackberry vines that insisted on coming back.  I actually dug up the main plant last year and now I'm dealing with off shoots everywhere.  It isn't pretty.......word of advice if you choose to plant blackberries have a dedicated spot for them.  They are extremely tough to get rid of. 
When I got what I could see of them out I started mapping out my paths using small stakes and string.  Once I was satisfied with my paths I then laid black plastic down as a temporary surface.  Not sure what I will use, but that will come later. 
Garden fork and Broad fork
my tools of choice for soil prepping
Then I started tilling, but I chose to do it the hard way which is also environmentally friendly.  I use a broad has 5 tines and goes along pretty smoothly, but it is hard work.  By Thursday (last week) I had about 1/3 of the garden tilled. 
At the end of that day I sat outside and could visualize what my garden would look like.  I also  experienced something I hadn't experienced in a long time.  Just sitting there feeling the wind, listening to the wind in the peach tree I sat under, hearing a woodpecker pounding on a near by Maple tree, feeling the warm Spring breeze.  It was pretty amazing.
I have three birdhouses 2 in the garden and 1 just beyond the garden and while working in the garden I would often hear the sounds of the Tree Swallows chirping about and collecting the nesting materials they need for the birdhouse near by.  In the distance I would hear the Bluebirds chirping back and forward waiting for me to leave so they could get their nesting material for their birdhouse.  There is still one birdhouse not spoken for yet.  I will be curious to see if it's another Bluebird or Tree Swallow.  The Tree Swallows don't pay any mind to me, but the Bluebirds don't trust me yet.
So that was all last week.  This week I did more tilling and got rid of a lot of sod and weeds.  I also dug 10 holes to transplant 10 peonies.  Typically Peonies don't get transplanted until fall, but if you can get them when they are first popping up they should be okay.  I've done it before with no problems.  The weather forecasters are predicting light rain for today, so I think that would be a great time to plant.  I will also add some compost to the soil to help the Peonies along.  Below I have 3 circles at the top of the garden that is where the Peonies will be going.  If things move along nicely I will also transplant my Lilies.  Which will go in front of the birdhouse on the right of the photo below.  I decided to move the Lilies and put sunflower in their place.
While tilling the soil with my broad folk these are the critters I save that are super beneficial to any garden.  The earthworms are abundant in my garden and the one below is for a lack of a better word pooping which are also known as castings which are a great source of nutrients for your garden.  I realize I could have bought a powered tiller, but I don't like all the loud noise and having to be careful to control it and watch for flying rocks, which there are plenty of.  I'd rather work and listen to the birds and other sounds of nature.  Besides the work will keep me fit.
Earthworm producing castings
I have to say I had gotten frustrated on more than one occasion on why did I take on such a large task, but I'm determined to have a beautiful garden.   I have tried for many years to create this garden and failed.  This year there is no failing and I will be patience, persistence, and persevere.
Quote of the week.......
When the world says, "Give up,"
Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
                                                  ~Author Unknown
Next week I will be removing the plastic that you see in the photo on the lower right side and transplant 2 Siberian irises and a Hydrangea.  I also hope to move 3 Poppies and Yarrow.
Still lots of work ahead, but it will be done by mid June.  This year I expect everything to be set up and just about in place.  Then next year it will be just a matter of filling in and maintenance.
Have a Fantastic Weekend!!!!


  1. wow, what a lot of work you have before you...but I'm sure it will be beautiful when you're done.

  2. I always take on more than I can do......It will be beautiful when I'm done!

  3. Hi Cindi, Enjoyed reading your blog especially about a 5 tined garden fork! Have never heard of one before. Mother Earth thanks you for your labor of love! Best wishes with your garden plans. Thanks for featuring my treasury.


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