Friday, May 24, 2013

Flower Power Friday........

I know I said I would have photos of my progress, but due to rain and me feeling under the weather I didn't get really anything done.  The ground got to soft with all the rain we are having and so doing any sort of planting would just compact the soil.  I have to say I'm very frustrated that I haven't been able to get out there.  This when I can easily fall behind, but I'm not going to let that happen.  I just have to reorganize my plans a bit.  Weather permitting I will have many updates for you.
So with that said I will still have a Flower Power Friday......featuring my Peach Blossoms.  About 5 years ago I planted a Peach Reliance tree which would handle temperature of -30 degrees, which here in Maine that could easily happen.  Last year we got our first blossoms which were only a few and our one and only peach.  This year I'm thrilled to say there were blossoms all over the tree and I'm hoping for a full crop of peaches.
This first photo was taken last year

Peach Reliance Blossom
This next photo was taken this year just about a week ago
Peach Reliance Blossom
When I got the Peach Reliance I didn't realize it would take 4 years to get any fruit.  With Peach trees they are for the most part self pollinating therefore you don't need a second tree.  Where if I were to grow apples I would need 2 trees and they would have to be different.  Not exactly sure why that is, but I do know that I would only have to wait two years for fruit. 
Have a Safe and Wonderful Holiday Weekend!
See you for Tuesday Treasury!!


  1. It looks great. We have a peach tree, but I think it's too close to the woods, it keeps getting eaten, and not by us. lol


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