Friday, April 26, 2013

Flower Power Friday

Watching My Garden Grow

Okay......So here is what I have done in recreating my garden....

Since I have so many plants to transplant I needed to list all the plants that I have, then I had to remember their height and blooming time.   After I completed that I need to take measurements of the garden so I could determine where I was going to put everything.  My garden is quite large and I want to include my flowers with my vegetable garden.
Just want you to remember what I said last week.  I start my garden with good intentions then time gets away from me because of work or art shows, but this year I want to change that.  So here is what my garden looks like now.  Pretty darn pathetic I'd have to say.....I hesitated on whether to show you this or not, but wait til you see the finish product. 
I've marked up the garden a bit to show you where everything is kinda going.  On the left I will be putting my veggie garden which measures about 35 feet long by at it's widest part 14 feet wide.  Which is plenty of space....
Blueberries from my garden
I also have a space that is 20 feet long by 5 feet wide for blueberries, I've also marked a spot where both my Asiatic and Oriental Lilies will be staying in between the veggies and blueberries.  There are just too many bulbs to move the lilies right now.  The circle in the lily bed is the Hydrangea I have.  Now if you look to the right you will see 4 small circles, those are my bearded Irises and in the middle of them I will be moving my Walking stick tree, then on either side of the walking stick I will be moving my Siberian Irises 1 yellow and 1 purple.  Now take a gander up to the 2 larger circles.  The one on the left are Peonies that are already established, the circle on the right I will be moving up to 7 more peonies.  Just an FYI if you have peonies use peony supports.  They will look so much better.

On either side of the garden I have 2 birdhouses with fencing near them.  The birdhouse on the left is pretty will set, but the one on the right is a horse of a different color.  I already have Garden phlox around the base of the birdhouse.  Along the fence I will be adding Cosmos, Larkspur, Sea Holly,
 Globe Thistle, Snapdragons and Columbine.  Putting the tallest against the fence and shortest coming out in front of the birdhouse.
Sea Holly
Oh I did forget to mention that in front of the Hydrangea I will be transplanting poppies and on the back side of the lilies I have 1 Shasta Daisy plant and will be transplanting more daisies near them.  Then in front of the blueberries I will be transplanting Yarrow.
Everything else will be cleared out and getting ready to lay down paths and start transplanting plants.
Some plants like the Poppies and Peonies can be transplanted within the next week or so, but most everything else will have to wait a bit longer.  Same with seeding my annuals.  Here in Maine I really have to wait until the end of May the earliest to start planting.
Oh in case your wondering the black plastic was to kill off grass from last year.  So when I take it off all I'll have to do is till.  Wait until you see how I do that!
Next week I will have photos of a cleaner garden and all the problems or critters I may have encountered.

Hey if you have any questions feel free to just ask!
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Have a Fantastic Weekend!!!!

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