Monday, February 18, 2013

Something New........

 Every year I make it a habit to have new photos or try new a technique.
This year I've been doing some high key photography and food photography.
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The feathers above I used a textured layer which gives it a warm brown tone.
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I really like experimenting and creating something new. It's even more exciting when it works!
But what happens is my photography collection starts getting more eclectic. I don't know if that's good thing or not. I often hear that we should have a niche. Something we photograph well. For me I think right now I could create a well rounded body of work around my flowers. So I guess if I have to have a niche then it would be Flower Photography.
So now I have a niche I can experiment and expand on all the other types of photography I enjoy doing.
For today it's all about feathers. Over the past year when I take the dogs for a walk I'm also on the look out for feathers. As far as identifying these feathers I really couldn't tell you, but I do know the photo above are Blue Jay Feathers. I also have feathers from Mourning Doves and the rest I have no clue. I really love the way these feathers worked out. Very simple and minimalist.
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I've enter my "Springtime Lilacs" in the "Lavender Contest" on Fine Art America.  I wondered if you could take a moment to vote.   Thanks!

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Have a Terrific Week!  See ya Friday!

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