Monday, February 25, 2013

Social Networking....What's Working for You?

What's your key to successful social networking? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!
I've been trying to find the right combination of social networking that I can manage. So this year I have chosen to work with facebook, twitter, my blog, both my Etsy and Fine Art America teams. The goal is to maintain some kind of consistency. Since that is what they say should be done.
So my blog will consist of Monday posts with new photos, Tuesday posts of Etsy treasuries and Friday posts for Flower Power Friday or Food Friday. I also have a pages for my Art Festival Schedule, Sales and Promotions and I will be having Scavanger Hunts throughout the year.
Now if this is too much by all means your input would be appreciated!
After posting to my blog, I post on Facebook and Twitter. I will also post a link to my blog on my Fine Art America site and then head over to my teams on Etsy and post there.
Now that is all regarding my blog. I will also post new photos and I've also been trying to post more general converation posts on Facebook.
So what do you think?  Am I on the right track or is it too much or not enough.  Your thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated!
(click on the image to view large or purchase)
If your ever in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, stop by and visit the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory.  This is where I photographed this beauty!

I would appreciate your input!
Have a great week!
Scavenger Hunt Coming Soon!


  1. Sounds like you have a good schedule in place! You might want to look into too for posting your shop items. If an item I post gets a lot of likes and starts trending, I usually get a few sales!

  2. Thanks Holly! I'll check out

  3. I'm a social media junkie (and I don't even go through all media outlets). I do have a lot, though. I think you're starting out with the right places for beginning. Holly suggested Wanelo, and I will suggest Pinterest. Those two are right up there for me with twitter and facebook. Both Wanelo and Pinterest are places to share your photos and spread the word.
    If you'd like to grow your blog audience, I invite you to come and join Meet & Greet blog hop. You link up your blog, follow a few others, and meet new friends. =0) It's great networking (open thru late tonight).

    I'm a new GFC follower, here from Blogging Buddies team. =0)

    1. Thanks very much Kim! I'll be checking it all out!


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