Friday, July 5, 2013

Flower Power Friday

This week I'm featuring my Roses..............

Floribunda roses are a cross between a polyantha and hybrid tea roses.  Polyantha are roses that bloom in multi cluster and of course we are familiar with the hybrid tea roses which are large blooms usually on long stems.  Well when the two were combined if you will you get what is now called the Floribunda, which is Latin for "many-flowerings"  The Floribundas are smaller shrubs with many clusters of roses which can consist of a few flowers or up to 20 flowers.  They do come in all the colors of the hybrid tea roses and in the classic tea rose shaped blossoms and many smell beautifully.

The floribunda roses grow to about 1-2 feet tall and wide.  Prefer full sun to part shade.  They should be fed in spring before blossoms, again during blossoming and again in late August.  After that do not fertilize again as the plant needs to start going dormant. 

Prune your Floribundas in early spring before the warm weather arrives.  Cut back the previous season's growth to about one-fourth and leave as many of the strong canes and stems as possible.

Here in Maine we have pretty cold winters so to unsure that these roses comeback next year I will take and add extra mulch at the base of the rose and then wrap a small wire cage around the rose and fill with either leaves or hay which will provide extra protection.

I've read that these roses are pretty hardy for the most part and can have their fair share of disease and pests.  I will be monitoring them this season to see what I may or may not run into.  So far they have been through several weeks without rain then non stop rain.
Angel Face (1969)
 This stunning Angel Face Floribunda Rose was the All-American Rose Selection (AARS) in 1969.
The blooms on this lovely rose are semi double ruffled and are about 3 1/2" and has a wonderful sweet smell.  The Angel Face Floribunda prefers full sun which will make those blooms stay the rich lavender/blue color.
Julia Child (2006)
 The beautiful Julia Child floribunda rose is a double bloom 4" rose that has a mild scent of licorice.  The color here looks a little be on the orange side, but let me assure you it is more of a buttery yellow.  In 2006 the Julia Child Floribunda Rose was the All-American Rose Selection (AARS).

Floribundas roses are typically used in hedges, but look great individually too.  You can't use these as cut flowers, because their stems are too short. 

My plan is that if these roses make it through the winter I will be getting a few more.

Have a super weekend!
See you next week!

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